Roofline and guttering installations and repairs in Tadworth, Surrey

We are your local, trusted, and professional roofers working throughout Tadworth, Walton on the Hill, or Burgh Heath. Whether you need emergency roof repairs, a new flat roof, or any part of your roofline replaced or repaired, our roofers can cater to your requirements. We deliver tailormade roofing solutions to both homeowners and commercial customers.

We can deliver reliable guttering and roofline solutions. As well as replacing old timber products with advanced and durable uPVC upgrades, we can also make roofline repairs. In all cases, we will make sure that water is draining properly away from your property and that the systems fitted are the most efficient for your building.

We can supply, repair, and replace all elements of your roofline:

  • Fascias: These are the boards that are fixed at the bottom of your roof and stop the exposed ends of the rafters from absorbing water. They hold the bottom row of tiles in place and also provide a base to fix guttering systems.
  • Soffits: Soffits fit between fascias and the wall. They protect the roof rafters from water and stop birds and rodents getting into the roof.
  • Bargeboards: These boards are along the diagonal edge of the roof. They protect the brickwork from the weather.
  • Guttering: Your gutters collect rainwater as it flows from the roof and direct it into downpipes that channel it away from the walls of your property.

Our local roofing business has been running for over a decade and we have hundreds of satisfied customers – please see the recommendations on We are approved by Surrey Trading Standards and are fully-insured for your peace of mind.

We are always happy to survey your roofline and provide you with a no-obligation estimate at any time for work on your roof or roofline. All our quotes are clear and transparent, with no hidden costs.

For more information about our service, please call us now on 07719 059 070.

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What are fascias?

The fascia is a long, straight board that runs along the lower edge of the roof. Fixed to the trusses of the roof, it usually supports the bottom row of tiles or carries the guttering. Fascias create a seamless and smooth appearance at the roof edge and protect the roof from weather damage.

What are soffits?

Soffits are located under the fascias and are a board that covers the outer edges of the roof and the adjacent walls of the house, to protect the exposed part of the roof. They prevent moisture damage to the roof and interior of the property. These products can be ventilated to allow a flow of air.

Both fascias and soffits are visible from the outside of a property meaning that they have a big impact on the appearance of the roof. It is important that they are well-maintained, so if you have any concerns, please call our team today.

Fascias and soffits near Walton on the Hill

We offer fascia and soffit repair and replacement in Walton on the Hill, Tadworth, or Kingswood Warren. Common signs that your fascias and soffits need replacing include:

  • Rot and damp
  • Sanding and peeling paint
  • Birds’ nests or infestations

If your fascias and soffits are not working properly or starting to show signs of wear and tear, always call a professional roofer for their expert opinion.

We use high-performance uPVC fascias and soffits, which are long-lasting, durable, and stylish. These come in all styles and colours, so can be matched to your property.

Your roofline is one of the most important elements of your home and is constantly exposed to the weather. If cracks and leaks appear, they must be dealt with so as to avoid causing damage to the walls of your home. You can rely on our roofers for fast and professional roofline installations at great prices.

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KT20 guttering and downpipes

We can assist with all gutter services in Tadworth including gutter cleaning, gutter repairs, gutter maintenance, and gutter installations and upgrades. Your guttering and downpipes prevent serious and expensive water damage to your property and prevention is always better than cure. By keeping them well-maintained and clear, you will prevent excess water collecting. This can cause water to overflow or gutters to become blocked and heavy so they pull away from the fascias.

We can clean and maintain your gutters and install high-performance uPVC guttering systems. With these, there is never any rust, discolouring, warping, or cracking and they add value to your property. They also add instant kerb appeal.

World of Roofing in Tadworth can provide quotes & prices for the following roofline services

  • Guttering repairs and replacement Tadworth
  • Replacement downpipes Burgh Heath
  • Fascias and soffits Tadworth
  • Chimney repairs KT20
  • uPVC guttering near Tadworth
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    Chimneys services in Tadworth

    Our roofing company in Tadworth offers a range of specialist roofing services including leadwork, parapet wall repair, roof window and Velux installations, and chimney services. Chimneys will always need essential repairs and maintenance because they degrade over time.

    We can complete all types of work on your chimney including repairs, re-building, re-pointing, and capping. We can also dismantle and remove your chimney.

    We specialise in a range of roofing and roofline services local to :-

    • Burgh Heath
    • Walton
    • Kingswood Warren
    • Kingswood Manor
    • Gatton

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